Monday, June 29, 2009

"You were my silver you were my gold you were all the things that cant be told"

I thought of Ben Orr today:

"In April 2000, Orr was diagnosed as having pancreatic cancer and subsequently hospitalized [1], yet he continued to perform in concerts with the band Big People at summer music festivals and state fairs. He reunited with all the former members of The Cars one last time in Atlanta, Georgia, for an interview that was used in a Rhino Records video and DVD of a German concert performed in 1979, The Cars Live.

His final public appearance was on September 27, 2000, in a Big People concert in Anchorage, Alaska. Six days later, he died at home in Atlanta, on Tuesday night, October 3, 2000, aged 53, surrounded by his fellow Big People band members Jeff Carlisi, Derek St. Holmes and Rob Wilson [2]. Big People still performs his classic Cars hits. Orr was also survived by his 5-year-old son, Ben, from a previous relationship.

Ric Ocasek wrote and recorded the song "Silver," which was his musical tribute to Ben. It appeared on Ocasek's 2005 solo album Nexterday."

Ric Ocasek - Silver lyrics

You were my silver you were my gold
you were all the things that cant be told
you were my star falling through the night
you were the one who showed me grand delight
i cant see you but i need you
and youre gone
you were my right hand you were my friend
you were always strong until the end
you were my good time youwere my rave
youre the one that always set the stage
youre what i once new now i miss you
cause youre gone
now i spend my lonely nights
wishing you were here to make things right
to turn my darkness into light
you were my party you were my tea
youre the one that had faith in me

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